Security Door Access Control Systems

Card Access Control Systems used as a tool to manage facilities is the fastest growing segment in today’s electronic security market. From simple single site security systems, to networking multiple facilities, we offer solutions for each of our client’s needs.

Our competitively priced security keyless door entry systems afford management the ability to restrict access by: 1) time 2) door and 3) employee or employee group. The elimination of keys for all but top management saves considerable time and money.

Our card access systems can be integrated with the Building Automation System (BAS) to control facility access and to provide video and event monitoring during an alarm situation (burglar alarm, fire alarm, off-hours system alarms).

We also furnish, install, and train on employee badging software. This software, and the badges, can be integrated with our door access control systems to afford companies with greater security needs and/or rapid employee growth at higher level of security and peace of mind. Importing your company logo directly onto an employee badge helps to readily identify employees from vendors or unwanted visitors. The badges also work as the security access card and are made out of thin PVC, the same as new drivers licenses.

Our office can provide 24-hour technical support and through the use of PC emulation programs we can typically solve any challenge immediately. From 1 door to 1,000 we have the expertise to design and build your facility access control system.

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