Our Wireless and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Offerings Include:

  • Design and Propagation Modeling Utilizing iBwave
  • Head End Design and Layouts (Equipment Rooms)
  • Carrier Engagement/ Rebroadcast Agreements
  • Equipment Installation
  • Fiber Splicing and Testing
  • System Optimization
  • As Built Diagrams
  • System Testing

    Distributed Antenna System Milwaukee, WI

    DAS networks offload traffic from the macro site, which allows the macro network to operate more efficiently. Indoor wireless solutions can be hidden and concealed in a variety of ways that are often oblivious to the end user, who only knows that their cell phone and wireless internet connections are being made. High traffic areas like casinos, airports, malls and convention centers often use indoor solutions to penetrate these concrete and steel buildings.

    Due to public safety compliance, aesthetics, and operational efficiency, end users are typically moving toward neutral host environments.

    • Hospitals – Doctor access to information and electronic medical records
    • Government/Municipalities – Life safety
    • State government – Life safety in a public environment
    • Higher Education – Life safety and increased bandwidth requirements
    • Population centric areas (i.e., downtown, business parks, suburbs) – Zoning, aesthetics, ease of implementation

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