Globalcom Technologies offers single source responsibility for state of the art electronic security systems. We design, furnish, and install:

  • Security Door Access Control Systems
  • Surveillance Camera Systems
  • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Systems
  • Network Video Recording Equipment
  • Business Security Systems
  • 24-Hour Service and Technical Support Available

Surveillance Camera Systems

We have all seen security camera systems. The value to the customer, however, comes from the method in which a custom closed-circuit system (CCTV) is designed and installed. A properly installed security camera system can assist in asset protection, people protection, increased productivity, and quality assurance. Let our team take a consultative approach and help you determine the best security camera system for your business or organization.

Business Security Systems

From single sites to multiple facilities, we design, install and monitor security systems that discourage and detect unlawful activity. We can provide exact alarm point display on a local alarm panel, or integrated with your computer network to display on the appropriate workstation. We also have the ability to remotely monitor, change, add, or update your security alarm system. Whether you need to protect a small business, or a large facility with multiple doors, windows, loading docks, or other points of entry, we can design and install a security system to give you peace of mind.

Security System Integration

We can integrate all of your low voltage systems – Door Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Security Cameras, and Building Automation – into one complete, functional security system.

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