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Computer Networking Cabling PORTFOLIO

Edgerton community elementary School

Edgerton School District, Edgerton, WI



Edgerton, WI


J.P. Cullen




600 Cables, Over 120,000 feet of Cat6 cable in all

Photo Credit: Bray Architects

This project consisted of the construction of a large addition and a related reconfiguration and remodel of  the school.  This was a completely new re-cabling of the school, which required 600 cables, over 120,000 feet of CAT6 cable in all.  Four new network closets with single mode fiber, terminated and tested, supports the new cabling.  Access Control required cabling and terminations at 20 doors.  Cabling and installation of 310 speakers in and around the outside of the building was a large part of the project.