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Prudential Office Remodel PORTFOLIO

Cigna-Trilog Office Building

Prudential Financial, Dubuque, IA



Dubuque, IA


The Prudential (formerly Cigna-Trilog)



Photo Credit: The Prudential

The scope of work requires Globalcom to provide and install Superior Essex cabling and Ortronics connectivity in the 1st and 2nd floor office areas, which is approximately 300,000 feet of Superior Essex CAT6 cable and 1,500 CAT6 data jacks. The project also includes a build-out of a new MDF room on the 1st floor and relocating the existing server room to the new MDF. Cabling throughout the building to all the existing IDF closets located on all floors includes installation of new 50um multimode and singlemode fiber optic and 25pr copper backbone. This project is a design-build and the short project schedule presents a challenge for all trades involved.